SAP CRM Service Overview

The service business is changing. Customers are expecting more then in the past:

  1. service organizations must provide fast, consistent, high quality service
  2. at the same time, service organizations  are asked to reduce costs and increase revenue and profitability

SAP CRM offers a complete end-to-end solution for your service business and helps you to increase customer loyalty and to boost profitability.

A complete service management portfolio

The following image structures the service management business into eight core scenarios:

SAP CRM Service Portfolio

SAP CRM Service Portfolio

Service Sales & Marketing

Your business can differentiate through value- added service offerings. Therefore you first need to define specific services for profitable customer segments. You can easily leverage existing communication and sales channels in order to run an revenue driven and cost efficient service.The motto is to maximize the revenue potential.

Relevant processes are:

  • Defining service catalogs
  • Segmentation customer and execute service campaigns
  • Opportunity management processing
  • Bundling sales and service offerings

Service Contracts & Agreements

Building long-term relationships to customers is a core idea of CRM. Instead of only selling services ad-hoc, one needs to ensure long-term customer retention by offering standardized or tailor-made solutions with a broader time horizon.

Relevant processes are:

  • Service Agreement Management
  • Service Contracts Management
  • Service Level Management

Installations & Maintenance

The third core scenario within the service portfolio focuses on the installations to be serviced.It is about assuring that the full and adequate information is available any time.

Relevant processes are:

  • Installation and Objects installation and configuration
  • Planned Service Management
  • Counters and Readings management

 Customer Service & Support

This scenario is about the traditional service help desk processes. The goal is to have a 360° view on all customers to be serviced and to deliver fast and as promised.

Relevant processes are:

  • Service Request Management
  • Case Management
  • Complaint Processing
  • Knowledge Management

Field Service Management

Very often a technician has to be sent out on site in order to analyse and ideally fix the issue a customer is facing. The objective in field service management is to improve service response and delivery times while complying with agreed quality standards and to reduce operational service costs.

Relevant processes are:

  • Service Order Management
  • Resource Scheduling
  • On-site execution and confirmation processing

Returns & Depot Repair

Sometimes a product is sold and shipped to a customer but for some reasons it doesn’t fit – he wants to send it back. Another case is that a repair cannot  be done on-site by field technicians so that it has to be fixed in-house. In both cases the scenario includes optimized inbound and outbound logistics.

Relevant processes are:

  • Returns Management
  • Depot Repair Processing
  • Loaner and quality management

Warranty & Claim Management

Everyone want to sell high-quality products – but what if something is wrong with the product or if e.g. legal requirements have changed. Then it is crucial to efficiently manage customer claims or even pro-actively process recalls with the goal to minimize financial costs while still being fully committed.

Relevant processes are:

  • Warranty registration
  • Recall handling
  • Claims processing

Service Logistics & Finance

All service business needs to be integrated into logisticial and financial processes. It’s the integration to and from purchasing, sales, accounting, controlling, warehousing, quality management, human resources management which makes a service business profitable.

Relevant processes and functions are:

  • Pricing & Billing Process
  • Cost allocation and revenue recognition
  •  Service parts management
  • etc
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